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The day is here! Today is the first day of JumpGlass! Well, I suppose we were “Facebook Official” a few weeks ago and the papers were signed before that, but today we have a website, and that makes it real!

So, let me introduce you to JumpGlass. 

Wondering what “JumpGlass” means? 

Jump!  This part may be quite obvious. Think about the last time you jumped on a trampoline, jumped off of the tailgate of a truck, or jumped off of the kitchen counter after climbing up to reach the top shelf (short people understand this example). Do you remember the feeling that it gave you? If only for a moment, there was a tickle in your tummy. There was a feeling of joy, exhilaration and excitement. That’s what it feels like to be an entrepreneur, to be starting something brand new.

Glass? This may be a little more vague. Ponder for a moment about the last time you came up with a cool idea, even if you never acted on it. What were you doing? You were likely drinking a glass of something. Whether it was coffee, tea, or whatever else you enjoy, as you sat back in your chair taking it in, a brilliant idea popped into your brain.

So, what if we brought those two things together? JumpGlass. It encourages you to take that leap, take a chance, and to do something creative and different. It gives you the opportunity to shatter the “glass ceiling,” just jump and burst through it. JumpGlass declares that you do not have to do things like everyone else. You do not have to live the way that everyone else does. You might just do something awesome.

What does JumpGlass do? I like to say that “JumpGlass strives to help folks accomplish goals.” This is how it typically works:

We help you Get Started: You have an idea. You try to describe it to others, but it comes out disorganized and in no way compelling. The solution? Write it down. JG can help you organize those thoughts and come up with an action plan.

Once you have a plan and you know exactly what you are trying to accomplish, JG will give life to your vision by transforming it into a brand. We work together to design a unique logo and brand, creating consistency across all of your printed materials (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, etc) and extend that same branding to your website and social profiles.

Then, we help you Keep Going: At this point, you’ve created a business! Yay! But as an entrepreneur, you are left to make it happen…typically alone. JG can provide you with organizational assistance, task management, operational tasks, and more. Anything that you find too difficult for you to complete on your own, JumpGlass can swoop in and take the load from your shoulders so you can get on with doing what you love!

No matter where you are in your journey, JumpGlass would love to be a part of your team. We love small businesses and seek to foster every entrepreneurial spirit. We have a passion for helping non-profit organizations and for helping people reach their goals, without breaking the bank. We thrive on referrals and enjoy meeting and listening to passionate folks who have a dream.

So, please explore! Get to know me and JumpGlass throughout the website and follow JumpGlass on social media. Look around and if you have any questions, give me a shout! If you are ready to work together, schedule your free consultation or give us a ring at 919.694.1214!