Fallen Saints Tattoo Studio

Know that a saint is nothing more than a man who has fallen short of gods glory, time and time again. Yet, had the courage to pick himself back up and move forward, until he found the true path of righteousness.”
Growing up Chris Vann’s grandfather was heavily tattooed, even though tattoos were very unpopular. His grandfather was an amateur tattoo artist. Chris got the idea for fallen saints from the teachings of his grand mother. His grand mother was a devout methodist who spent time teaching Chris the ways of faith. The quote above was something his grandmother truly believed in and Chris continues to love this quote today.

We are a family-owned, high-end tattoo art studio specializing in tattoos and piercings of all kinds, along with permanent make up. We have all new state of the art equipment, including back lighted tables, ergonomic chairs and private rooms. Our lobby is home to a flat screen television equipped with cable, Netflix, and an Xbox available for our guests to enjoy while they wait.

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