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Hi y’all!

Time changes things. I’ve not written in my “Notepad” recently, but I wanted to send out an update!

I’ve just made some noticeable changes to the site. Over the past several months, my focus has been shifting. My baby sister was getting married and I had the absolute pleasure of planning her wedding. JumpGlass provided her with all of her stationary and signage for her wedding. It was so rewarding. And it allowed me to focus on my very favorite service that JumpGlass offers, design. So, I’ve decided to shift from only serving businesses, to serving everyone! How fun!

While we will continue to serve businesses in the same manner, JG will now be offering design services to folks who are getting married, having a party or have any upcoming event that needs an invitation, a flyer or a sign. We are very excited to move into this new market and can’t wait to see how God works through us to reach and help many more people!

I’ve also been traveling… a lot! I was blessed to be able to see 6 countries over the course of 5 weeks in Europe. It opened my eyes to the way things are done in different cultures in other parts of the world and I am thrilled to be able to apply many of those ideas to JumpGlass in the coming months.

Feedback is welcome! As you see things changing, let me know what you think! After all, JumpGlass is only here to help you all succeed! Give me a ring or shoot me a text if you need anything!

Also, head over to my new services¬†page and my gallery and see what’s new!

Blessings always,